Anyone Order a Pirate?

Updated: Jul 17

Eric Golden, UBER driver, tells about his favorite senior ride.  

Best Senior Trip Ever!

I’ve been driving for Uber for over six years and have had a ton of fun trips. On this particular occasion, it was Halloween weekend, 2019. I arrived at the pickup location and parked in an alley in-between two bars. Four senior women got into my car from both directions. I was impressed that they were already split up into two groups. It was like picking up Secret Service Agents. One moment my car was empty, the next moment it was full. No dilly-dallying.

It was at this point that they realized that I was dressed as a Pirate and my car was decorated for Halloween.

I introduced myself to each passenger and shook everyone’s hand. They immediately loved my costume, my car, my Halloween music, and me! They were a bit tipsy and one of them asked me if they were going to be my favorite trip of the night. It was too early to tell, so I think I told them something like “We’ll see how it goes” or “You never know, you might be” but unbeknownst to me, they not only became my favorite trip that night but one of my favorite trips of ALL TIME.

After my initial briefing and orientation, we got underway. We were listening to Halloween Music, they were chatting amongst themselves, but mostly they were talking to me and complimenting my approach to driving, complimenting my car, and truly gave me the sense that I had nailed the first impression, which is always what I endeavor to achieve.

At one point, however, one passenger got comfortable and decided to give me some snark. You see, I have these LED lights in the back which are usually set to solid Blue, but it’s possible that I had them Orange for Halloween. Anyway, this woman says “Eric, we love you, but you really ought to up your game and get the kind of LED lights that change color with the music.”

Armed with information she didn’t have, I say to myself, “Game ON” and I simultaneously change the song to “Ghostbusters” (faster-paced), increase the volume, and turn the Party Lights on so that they change color with the music. I then turned my head towards the back and yell “Sorry, what were you saying?”

The entire car IMMEDIATELY erupted with laughter, and our Heroine both sheepishly and admiringly said “Well, I guess he showed ME!” She had quite adeptly handed me my response on a silver platter.

A few moments later, we had arrived at their destination. I confirmed to them that this was in fact the best trip of the night, and EACH one of them tipped me in cash. Usually, the person who ordered the Uber is the one who tips me, but they ALL decided to tip me. I got two $20 bills and two $5 bills. I can just imagine how they chatted about this later and gave each other a hard time about it in jest.

Thanks, ladies! You are often featured as one of the stories I tell my other passengers, friends, and family. Seniors Rock! Keep doing what you do.